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Monthly Retreats


Yoga & Meditation Retreat Details  


Triple Crane is currently offering retreat programs on various weekends of the month. The schedule is subject to slight variation.  See the Calendar for a complete list of dates or scroll below to sign up. 


  These events are offered regularly to support all individuals in there Yoga and Meditation practice. We also offer Special Events (place link here when ready) that explore deep dives on specific topics and or bring in highly qualified teachers from outside the TCRC organization.   


1 Day Long Yoga & Meditation Retreat (Chinese)  

First Sunday of the month 10am - 6pm

 1 Day Yoga & Meditation Retreat (English)

Second Sunday of the month 10am - 6pm

Eat, Serve, Practice, 2-Day Yoga & Meditation Retreats (English)

Fourth Saturday and Sunday of the month 

From 10am on Saturday - 6pm on Sunday 

Which retreat is for me?

All three retreats have a full day of Yoga, Gong Fa mixed with Walking and Seated Meditation on Sundays from 10am - 6pm. 

Ratios of Meditation to other practices will be decided based on the experience level of the attendees. 

Fasting or light food intake is always welcomed. 


What is the Eat, Serve, Practice Weekend?

Eat, Serve, Practice Weekends give an opportunity for Work Trade Volunteers or those simply wishing to do service work for the Retreat Center an opportunity to join together in service, community and practice.  

The Sunday schedule is the same as other Sunday retreats with additional practice sessions on offered on Saturday. See the whole schedule here. 

Financial Donations and Energy Exchange for Monthly Retreats 

Triple Crane Retreat Center is 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization supported fully by donations. 

We aim to make Yoga & Meditation Retreats accessible to people of all income brackets. 

TCRC suggest a $35 to $100 donation for any of the above monthly retreats. 

Individuals who are unable to make finical offerings are asked to make an energetic contribution to the center by doing volunteer work.


Saturdays of The Eat, Serve, Practice Yoga and Meditation Retreats are specific time that can count towards work exchange hours.  

If you would like to attend an event at TCRC but do not have funds please reach out to or to discus details. 


Ceremonies are happening daily as well a monthly, quarterly and annual .

See the About Ceremony page for more details. 

Retreat Etiquette

 As a Dharmic Community TCRC has specific etiquette for retreats.

Please read our "Retreat Etiquette" before attending an in-person program.