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About Triple Crane Retreat Center

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Under the direction of Master Sea Cloud (Venerable Master Haiyun Jimeng (海雲繼夢), Triple Crane Retreat Center is the North American branch of the Huayen World Monastery in Taiwan. Master Zhong Hai (眾 海), also known as Winnie is the resident, head nun, and headteacher at The Center. 

With the blessings of Master Sea Cloud, Triple Crane Retreat Center's vision is to functions as a teaching,  practice, and retreat center for Chinese Huayen Mahayana Buddhism and it's dynamic, whole system approach of combining the Classical Hatha Yoga system as taught by Swami Kripalvananda and Chinese Mahayana Buddhism. In 2008 Master Sea Cloud became a lineage holder of The Lakulish International Fellowship and Enlightenment Mission (LIFE Mission) in Gujarat, India, and was authorized to give Śaktipāta Initiation (spiritual energy transmission) by Swami Rajarshi Muni, a foremost disciple of Swami Kripalu. 

Another aspect of Triple Crane Retreat Center's vision is to create a Volunteer and Practice Community where talented, sincere, and focused individuals will be invited to join in our daily spiritual practices and schedule with the intention of creating a thriving Practice Community for those sincere seekers who are looking to deepen their own spiritual life and practice with the benefits and support of daily practice, seva, and spiritual community.

Triple Crane Retreat Center will also serve as a retreat place for other like-minded and sincere spiritual seeker offering workshops and retreats for practitioners of their own in order to create a wide and supportive community of spiritual seekers and like-minded practitioners.

Classes, Retreats, and Ceremonies

Triple Crane offers a variety of weekly yoga and meditation classes, day, weekend and week-long meditation retreats and various ways to connect to the local community of yoga and meditation practitioners. 


Triple Crane teachings are rooted in Chan Retreats as well as Traditional Chinese Buddhist Ceremonies.  The grounds have two place for practice, Chan Hall for meditation, Yoga and other energy cultivation practice like dance, etc. Our second building is the Dharma Hall for Chinese Buddhist chanting and rituals. 

Chan is the Chinese word for Zen (Japanese), both simply meaning meditation.  Chan Retreats are similar to Vipasana or other long form meditation practices, with its own unique instructions for meditation.  Chan Kuan can also be translated as Insight Meditation.  Under Master Sea Clouds guidance, Triple Crane teaches traditional Chan with unique use of energy cultivation via walking meditation, Chinese Cultural exercises, breath work, yoga asana and Śaktipāta or energy transmission from the Master teacher.  These dynamic energy practices are used with static meditation (seated meditation) to work with the passive aspects of practice mixed with dynamic movements for deep and profound transformation.   

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Located in beautiful Chelsea, Michigan


Chan Hall
Dharma Hall
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