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What is chan practice?

Chan-Kuan Practice at Triple Crane Retreat Center 

Triple Crane Retreat Center uses a systematic approach to progressively deepen on the path of Mediation.  The word Chan simple translate as Meditation. It is the earlier version of the Japanese word Zen. Both coming from the Yogic traditions word Dhyana (Sanskrit form of Chan and Zen)which is a specific deep state of consciousness.   Long seated mediation practices can be done with out ripening into higher states of meditation (Dhyana).  Triple Crane helps to avoid this pitfall many spiritual aspirants fall into by offering Purification Chan prior to the more traditional sitting, walking, sitting, walking practices more commonly found.


The origin of Chinese Chan Buddhism is based on the Dongshan tradition.  During the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907) to the Song Dynasty (AD 960-1279) Chan Buddhism relied on this systematic practice system of Chan for roughly 600 years.  During this time China produced nearly 30,000 to 40,000 enlightened elders. Ever since the tradition was lost for 800 years from the Yuan dynasty to the Qing dynasty, far less people have reached accomplishment, with an estimate of around 100.  Today, Master Haiyun Jimeng (aka. Master Sea Cloud) has worked tirelessly to bring Mahayana Yoga practice from India and restructure it into a complete system of the Dongshan practice method. This very complete system of practice has finally reappeared in the world, for your spiritual growth and attainment. It is very hard to happen upon such a great complete system of practice in any given lifetime. 

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