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Works of Master Sea Cloud
in English 

Lectures - In English & Chinese 

Please enjoy the growing archive of Master Sea Clouds lectures. 


Click below to download the PDF. 

1. Introduction  to  Anapanasati

Starting point of Chan Cultivation

2. Chan & Living a Happy Life

3. Infinite Merit and Wisdom 

Talks on The Avatamsaka Sutra Chapter 37  

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Books in English 

Master Sea Cloud has three books translated into English which you can down load below. Please contact us if you would like to donate or purchase of hardcopy.  

1  Our Only Choice - A new Visions for the long term survival of humanity and the Earth 

2. Huayen World - Teachings and Meditation Methods in Mahayana Buddhism


3. The Dawn of Enlightenment - The opening Passage of Avatamsaka Sutra with Commentary  

If you have enjoyed these books and feel inspired please donate here

Master Sea Clouds YouTube Channel 

Master Sea Cloud has many videos on YouTube.  Below you can find talks translated to English.  Click here to find shorter talks.  Click here to find full lectures. 

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Master Sea Cloud's Blog 

Master Sea Cloud writes a profound blog on spiritual practices. The blog is only in Chinese at this time.  Click here to enjoy his sublime teachings

Words of Wisdom - Quotes from Master on Spiritual Practice & Lifestyle 

Follow this link to read short quotes from Master Sea Cloud. 

Above the Clouds
Words of Wisdom
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