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Triple Crane Retreat Center the Huayen World Community of North American – is a volunteer based not-for-profit organization. Your generous contribution of valuable time, effort and donation for our classes, workshop, retreat & events; routine operating, and maintenance are very much needed and deeply appreciated. By doing charity, you are also making the crucial fundamental effort for your spiritual development and planting seeds of wisdom for your future.

Options for Donations:
By Checks:

Make check payable to Huayen World Community of North America.  Please mail checks to: 

Triple Crane Retreat Center

7665 Werkner Road

Chelsea, MI 48118

By Digital  Transfer:

We take donations via Zelle, Chase Quick Pay, and PayPal at the email address

Please note: PayPal may charge fees. If you can not find an option to send via PayPal without fees please consider using other methods to make donations to ensure your donations are received at the maximum amount given. 

By Wire Transfer:

Please contact us directly.

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