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Our Lineage


Venerable Master Haiyun Jimeng (海雲繼夢)


Triple Crane Retreat Center is led by Venerable Master Haiyun Jimeng 

(海雲繼夢), also known as Master Sea Cloud.  He is a practitioner, thinker, speaker, scholar, and religious leader of the Great Huayen Monastery within the Mahayana Buddhist tradition in Taiwan. With years of sincere spiritual practice and profound wisdom attained; Master Sea Cloud became a monastic in 1991.


Master Sea Cloud’s teaching encompasses a complete system of practices from personal development to supreme enlightenment. He emphasizes that a real truth seeker should confirm the doctrines learned by his or her own personal experience from diligent practice. Accordingly, Master Sea Cloud’s Chan Kuan teachings are based upon the Flower Adornment Sutra and the Yoga practices of the Lukulish International Fellowship and Enlightenment Mission (LIFE Mission) of the Lord Lakulish Lineage in India.  Masters teaching focus on practical life transformation. He provides students with stage by stage guidance to progressively deepen the meditative states of mind to personally get in touch with a true life, and to attain the supreme enlightenment as described by the Sutra. The natural by-products of the initial steps of training will uplift ones physical and mental well being and bringing a profound level of inner joy and peace.


In addition to his guidance and contributions to Buddhist thought, Master Sea Cloud also emphasizes the blending of modern and traditional Buddhism; and in such respect the Great Huayen Monastery in Taiwan specifically exemplifies the fruits of modern Buddhism. In addition, Master Sea Cloud spares no pains in working toward the perfection of the triple realm, which is comprised of mind, humanity and matter.


Master Sea Cloud often employs Western-style logical thinking to probe into modern social development, and frequently expounds the concept of ”Spiritual Economics”, which is a reordering of our societal priorities in order to save human beings from devastation caused by our own actions. This approach is no less than a new vision for the long-term survival of humanity and the earth. The concept of “Spiritual Economics” is addressed in his book, titled: “Our Only Choice”. Master Sea Cloud has also authored more than two hundred books on life, education, and Buddhist practices.

Master Sea Cloud lives in Taiwan and visits Triple Crane Retreat Center for Chan Kuan retreats in the spring and fall of each year. 


Venerable Grand Master Meng Can(夢參)


Venerable Grand Master Meng Can was born in 1915 in the Town of Kaitong in Heilongjiang Province of China. In 1931, Grand-Master was accepted at the feet of Master Xiuling(修林) and renounced the world at Temple Yaowang in Beijing. He was given the Dharma name “Jue Xing” and became a renounced disciple in the lineage of “Lin Ji”(臨濟宗) of Northern Wu Tai. Being a very humble spiritual seeker, Grand Master refers himself as “Meng Can”.

Grand Master took the vow to follow the code of constrain for monk in 1931. Upon the completion of the training, he paid pilgrim to the holy mountain of “Jiu Hua”, where he participated in the a special ceremony which was held every sixty years to cut the hair and nails for Di Zang Monk who lived in this world between 696 and 794.


Grand Master visited many holy mountains and places in India and China after he renounced the world. Grand-Master also engaged himself in serious Chan practice and the study of Bodhi Dharma from many holy saints including Master Xu Yun(虛雲), Master Chi Zhou(慈舟, Master Yan Xu  ( ? ), Master Hong Yi(弘一 and the tenth Renpoqie in Tibet.


Because of Grand Master’s outstanding conducts and devotions, he started to give discourses in 1937 and obtained worldwide respects. Between 1937 and 2007, Grand Master was invited to various cities in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Canada, and USA to give discourses.

His discourses covered many Holy Scriptures such as the Amitabh Sutra, the Bodhisattva Kishitigarbha Vow Sutra, The Heart Sutra, the Diamond Sutra, the Avatamsaka (Huayen) Sutra, and the Sutra of Karma Assessment on Spiritual Path, and so on.

In 1991, Grand Master accepted Master Haiyun at his holy feet as his renounced disciple, giving him the name of “Ji Meng” to inherit his spiritual legacy.


Venerable Grand Master Qin Yin(欽因)


As a successor of the 41st Master of “Xian Shou” lineage(賢首宗, the 17th Master of Mahayana Yoga lineage(瑜伽行派, the 12th Master of Retreat Center of Beijing Guangshan, Venerable Grand Master Qin Yin was also the Head Master at the Retreat Center of “Shulin Fuhiu” in Taiwan, and passed away in 2018.

Grand Master Qin Yin was born in Beijing, China, in 1928. He joined the Army at the age of twenty as an administrative officer. In 1950, he moved with the army to Taiwan, where in his spare time, he started to listen to his Master’s discourses, attend Chan retreats, and chanting practice. Thereafter he became a Buddhist disciple, taking a vow to follow the code of spiritual conducts.

In 1961, Grand Master retired from the army services. On December 6 of the following year, he was accepted as a renounced disciple at the holly feet of Master “Hui San” at the Retreat Center of “Fuhiu” where he vowed to attain spiritual liberation and to help human beings to do so as well. He was given the Dharma name “Jing Yuan”, called “Qin Yin”.

After he renounced the world, Master diligently performing spiritual practice, including meditation, chanting mantra and sutras such as “The Avatamsaka (Huayen) Sutra: Conducts and Vows of the Universal Worthy” and “Diamond Sutra”.


Meanwhile, Master was actively servicing the community to inspire, nurture and provide spiritual guidance to his disciples. Master accepted about thirty renounced disciples who have become well respected Masters and are diligently promoting Buddhism in order to benefit the spiritual welfare of human beings.

As a result of Grand Master’s profound dedication and devotion, in 1982, he was designated as the successor of the 41st Master of the Holly “Xian Shou” lineage, the 17th Master of Mahayana Yoga lineage。

In September of 2008, Grand Master designated Master Haiyun Jimeng as the heir of this holy lineages


Venerable Grand Master

Swami Rajarshi Muni


Venerable Grand Master Swami Rajarshi Muni was born in 1931. He has engaged himself in the serious study and practice of yoga since his early youth. He received shaktipat initiation (note below) from Guru, Swami Kripalvananda, in November 1970 and renounced the world thereafter. After that he had devoted himself almost exclusively to secluded yoga sadhana (spiritual practice), his daily practice spanning at least ten hours.

Grand Master is an extraordinary spiritual seeker and has acquired the profound secrets of Mahayana Yoga. His praiseworthy efforts in previous births as well as in this life have resulted in tremendous spiritual attainments.

Examples of this include by the fifth session of meditation after his shaktipat initiation, he had already awakened kundalini; he then commenced entry into the Khechari Mudra within four months, and had accomplished the same within four years. In his fourth year of sadhana, he had achieved what no yogi in centuries has claimed to have achieved, and certainly never in modern times. At present he is engaged in the most difficult phase of transforming the physical body into the exquisite divine body.

As the chosen disciple of Swami Kripalvananda, Grand Master is the present spiritual head of the spiritual lineage founded by Lord Lakulish, the twenty-eighth incarnation of Lord Shiva, referred as Samantbhadra (原始佛; 普賢菩薩) in Buddhism. He is also the founder of The Lakulish International Fellowship and Enlightenment Mission.


In response to the spiritual calling from Samantbhadra, in December 2008, Grand Master accepted Master Haiyun Jimeng at his holy feet and bestowed Master Haiyun with the most secret of Mahayana Yoga, which enable Master Haiyun to complete his teaching blueprint to advance the historical task of awakening humans towards moral, cultural and spiritual values as well as to attain liberation from the cycle of repetitive births, existences, and deaths.


Books published by Swami Rajarshi Muni in English:

  1. Awakening Life Force (Llewellyn, USA).

  2. Chinese Mahayan Buddhism.

  3. Classical Hatha Yoga.

  4. Divine Body Through Yoga.

  5. Infinite Grace - The Story of My Spiritual Lineage.

  6. Karma Yoga

  7. Bhakti Yoga

  8. Gyan Yoga

  9. Light From Guru to Disciple.

  10. Tenets for the Spiritual Life.

  11. Yoga Experiences Part I.

  12. Yoga The Ultimate Attainment (Jaico).

  13. Yoga The Ultimate Spiritual Path (Llewellyn, USA).

  14. Nitya Karma (Daily Rituals).

  15. Sanatan (Eternal) Culture of India.

  16. Shri Guru Govind Pujan.


Note 1:
Saktipata initiation, is a spiritual technique to release prana or vital force in a spiritual seeker’s body, which is a must step on spiritual path for liberation. 


Note 2:
Source: The introduction regarding Swami Rajarshi Muni is referred from

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