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Annual Ceremonies at
Triple Crane Retreat Center



Grand Meal Offerings to the Buddha - New Moon & Full Moon Ceremony



Image by Ganapathy Kumar

This bi-monthly food offering is a long-formed traditional Chinese Buddhist ceremony offered to free all sentient beings from suffering.  In this ritual, offerings and prayers are carried out in front of Buddha to free and alleviate the pain and suffering of the deceased animals and disembodied spirits. This ceremony is practiced with the  development of the moon to cultivate our compassion for all with the lunar cycle. 

Chinese New Year - Light Blessing Ceremony with Acquiring Wisdom Verse 



Chinese New Year

Lighting can break off thousands of years of darkness and gather merits unlimited and boundless. 


Avatamsaka Sutra says: 

Wisdom light can break out any darkness. When we light the lamp to make offering to Buddha, the lamp means light and wisdom. 

 It is one of Buddhism offering instruments.

Lighting and Blessing Ceremony 

“Acquiring Wisdom Verse” is the most significant annual event held during the Blessing Lighting Ceremony at Triple Crane Retreat Center. “Wisdom Verse” represents the teaching of the Buddha. They are all excerpts from the “Eighty Flower Ornament Sutra”.

Buddha Bathing Festival

Screen Shot 2021-05-07 at 1.49.35 PM.png

This profound and ancient ceremony is used to wash away pain and suffering.  Participating in this ceremony brings us purity of the mind, and helps release and, renew.

Medicine Buddha Ceremony


The Medicine Buddha Ceremony is an annual ceremony that takes place at TCRC. Offerings focus around healing for those who are experiencing negative health.  Medicine Buddha Ceremony is one of the most beloved and healing practices. 

Kuan Yin Chanting - Huayen Lady's Day



This annual ceremony celebrates Kuan Yin's birth by chanting the Great Compassion Mantra.  Master Sea Cloud says "Kuan Yin is the immune system of our life." When we have that immune system we are able to heal yourself in daily life.  

Food Offering Ceremony 



This quarterly food offering is a long form traditional Chinese Buddhist ceremony offered to free all sentient being from suffering.  In this ritual animals, and disembodied spirits are given offerings to help them become free  This ceremony is practiced to develop compassion for all.    

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