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Yoga at Triple Crane

Yoga at Triple Crane Retreat Center 

Triple Crane Retreat Centers Yoga practices are grounded in the Classical Yoga teachings of Swami Kripalu's foremost disciple Rajarshi Muni.  Head of Huayen World, Venerable Master Haiyun Jimeng (Master Sea Cloud), was authorized as a lineage carrier in December of 2008 by Rajarshi Muni. 


Chief Nun of TCRC, Master Hai (Winnie) has studied directly under both Rajarshi Muni and Master Haiyun Jimeng (Master Sea Cloud). She also completed training in India with Life Mission Yoga, Rajarshi Muni's organization in 2004.  Master Hai works closely with Trevor Chaitanya Eller to share these teachings in a modern context holding to Rajarshi Muni's core teachings. Both Winnie and Trevor teacher and practice Classical Yoga (informed by modern anatomy and physiology and structurally-safe yoga) for all body types and levels of spiritual seekers. 

Triple Crane's connection to the Kripalu Lineage of Yoga continues with Kamakshi Ma's in-depth knowledge of Surrender Yoga and the Self-Inquiry teachings (Enlightenment Intensive) of Swami Kripalvananda as taught by his foremost and only House-Holder Western lineage carrier Yogeshwar Muni Charles Burner. 

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