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Words of Wisdom from
Master Sea Cloud

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The ultimate truth is not perceived by the logical mind. It is in a transparent and state of selflessness.


Stillness has infinite power. Judgment breaks the stillness; without judgment an inner castle can be built.


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So-called wisdom does not refer to the memory of knowledge and versatile talent. Rather the ability to feel about life.


The Great Compassion is to try your best to help others going through hardships with an impartial and pure mind.


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Life is a game, not a career.
Being present is the goal.


Life itself is not contaminated, it merely exists, it’s unnecessary to add anything to it. The key point is to be able to accomplish, be inclusive, and harmonize with all.

生命本身不受任何污染, 只是存在而已, 不必為它增添什麼, 重點在於能夠成就一切、包容一切、圓融一切。

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Human minds are often controlled by a logical mind and ignore the beauty of existence. If we eliminate the duality in a logical mind, then the good and evil, the easy and difficult, the good and bad will exist in a beautiful harmony.

人類經常受到意識形態的左右而忽略了存在的美 。

我們若是能泯除對立的意識形態, 則善與惡、順與逆、好與壞的本身, 都會相安無事地相處得很美。

The water droplet merges into the flow, neither with nor against the current, floating peacefully and naturally. That is the greatness of the ordinary.


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