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Retreat Etiquette

Etiquette for Personal, Day Long & Longer Meditation Retreats


By observing our etiquette and agreements, we will create an environment of inner and outer peace and harmony that will allow all participants to more intentionally devote themselves to their practice and retreat experience.



Meditation in Action

In order to develop a community based upon practice, we ask retreat attendees to practice mindfulness in all activities while at Triple Crane.  Every moment gives an opportunity to awaken to the present moment.  We ask that individuals on personal retreat and attending Day Long and Longer Meditations maintain a sense of breath awareness during all activities.  Join us is in walking and moving with full awareness.  Act mindfully and carefully, in a focused and peaceful way. This will help to create an environment suitable for introverted meditative states. 


General retreat attendees are not required to practice silence unless attending a retreat which is a silent event.  We do ask that people avoid unnecessary chit-chat as an extension of continual mindfulness practice.  

Smart Phones and Other Devices 


We understand you may need to stay in communication with friends and family while attending a retreats at Triple Crane.  We discourage using your smart phone and other devices to engage in Social Media, internet browsing, and email etc. We ask that cell phone use be as little as possible if you are involved in a Triple Crane run retreat weekend.   Some events may require that you do not use your phone or other devices during that event. In those situation, the retreat leaders will inform participants of specific details on device use.  Individuals on personal retreat are welcome to use their phone and other devices as much as they would like, keeping in mind that others on the premise are discouraged from using their deices. Also, pease be mindful of potential cell phone use being a disturbance and distraction to others maintaining silence in the building or on the grounds. 

What to Bring 


Wear modest and appropriate clothing for a monastery setting.  Loose and comfortable clothes with neutral colors suitable for Yoga, Movement, and Meditation practices. Please do not use essential oils, perfumes, colognes, or scented cosmetics. This is requested due to many individuals allergies and sensitivities to strong chemical smells.  To assist in meeting the goal of having a scent-free environment, Triple Crane provides a high-quality lightly scented peppermint shampoo, hand soap, and shower gels found in the bathrooms and showers.  All bedding and towels, laundered with unscented laundry soap will be provided.  All you will need to bring is comfortable, seasonably appropriate clothing and your own toothbrush and toothpaste.  No outdoor shoes are worn in the buildings.  You might want to bring slippers for inside use as the kitchen and dinning hall have hard and cold floors. 


If you are attending a Volunteer Retreat Weekend please follow the set schedule you can find here.  Volunteers will be required to participate in their work trade and attend all events.  Non volunteer attendees of weekend retreats are also asked to participate in the daily schedule.   During personal retreats individuals are welcome to create their own schedule. 

Community Spirit 

Stay together with the group practice, follow the schedule, and remain on the Retreat Center premises for the entire retreat. Follow all the instructions for your retreat program, and let the staff know if you need help with inside or outside problems that may arise during your stay. 

The Environment


Help keep our indoor and outdoor environment clean and tidy, including your personal sitting meditation place, bathrooms, bedroom, dinning room, and kitchen. To conserve resources, turn off lights and water when not in use. When outdoors or in Chan Hall, be mindful of not leaving any personal items behind. Do not take or eat any food outside of the Dining Hall. No food is allowed in the bedrooms or meditation space. There are bathroom and bedroom cleaning policies posted in those spaces as well as check out procedures.

Work Practice


Be sure to engage mindfully and wholeheartedly in the cleanup task that has been assigned to you.  

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