Retreat Etiquette

Environment and Etiquette 


By observing our etiquette and agreements, we will create an environment of inner and outer peace and harmony, that will allow all participants to completely devote themselves to their practices.





No unnecessary talking, reading, or writing other than what is assigned for your particular retreat. No texting, sending emails making phone calls, using various electronic devices or receiving guests during your retreat. 

Cell Phones 


Please keep your cell phone ringer turned off at all times. Cell phone use is discouraged during some programs and prohibited by others. Please follow the cell phone etiquette of your retreat leader.

What to Bring 


Wear modest and appropriate clothing.  Loose and comfortable clothes with neutral colors suitable for Yoga, Movement, and Meditation practices. Please do not use essential oils, perfumes, colognes, or cosmetics. This is requested because allergies to these products are common.  To assist in meeting the goal of having scent-free cosmetics Triple Crane provides high-quality scentless shampoo and shower gels found in the bathrooms and showers.  All bedding and towels will be provided. All you will need to bring is comfortable clothing and your own toothbrush and toothpaste.


Follow the set schedule and be on time for all activities. Do not shower before the morning bell or after lights out in the evening. You will be awakened in the morning and notified when it's time for lights out. There will be a warning bell for meeting times, as well as for meals. Please do not use an alarm clock.

Community Spirit 

Stay together with the group practice and remain on the Retreat Center premises for the entire retreat. Follow all the instructions for your retreat program, and let the staff know if you need help with inside or outside problems that may arise during your stay. 

Meditation in Action


In order to maintain a peaceful indoor and outdoor environment, walk and move with full awareness. Act mindfully and carefully, in an unhurried and peaceful way. This will help to create an environment suitable for an introverted and meditative state. 

The Environment


Help keep our indoor and outdoor environment clean and tidy, including your personal sitting meditation place, bathrooms, and bedroom. To conserve resources, turn off lights and water when not in use. When outdoors or in Chan Hall, be mindful of not leaving any personal items behind. Do not take or eat any food outside of the Dining Hall. No food is allowed in the bedrooms or mediation space. There are bathroom and bedroom cleaning policies posted in those spaces as well as check out procedures.

Work Practice


Be sure to engage mindfully and wholeheartedly in the cleanup task that has been assigned to you.  There will be a designated community work period planned in the daily schedule.