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A New Year's Eve Celebration of

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 Kirtan/Chanting & All Night Gong Bath

A New Year's Eve Celebration of Sound Healing via Kirtan/Chanting & All Night Gong Bath

6:30 PM December 31st, 2023

8:03 AM January 1st, 2023

Join us for an evening of self-healing, rejuvenation, and energy clearing through sacred sound vibrations.   

Two Options To Join This Transformational Event 

1. General Admission includes commuting or sleeping space on the floor in the Meditation Room where the Gongs will be set up.  

2. Reserve a bed in a shared room if you would prefer to rest away from the gongs. 

Learn More Below 


Meals & Snacks 

We will begin with a community potluck from 6:30 - 8:00 where attendees can share food and conversation in TCRS's comfortable Dining Hall.

Deserts, Chi and Mocktails will be available downstairs all night for snacking and for visiting outside of the Gong Room.  

On New Year's morning Triple Crane will provide a simple nutritious breakfast for all in attendance. 

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Kirtan - Mantra

Kirtan is a form of

Yogic Mantra Practice led in a call

and response, musical style. 

Chanting and teachings will be offered by Trevor Chaitanya Eller, organizer of

Full Moon Kirtan, Michigan.  

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All Night Planetary Gong Sessions with Local Gong Masters

All night Planetary Gong Bath will be led by Valerie Weir, Dale Prentiss, Sara-Eleanor Yarbrough, and Friends from 10:15 PM on New Years eve till 6:00 AM New Years Day. 

The Gongs create a sound wave of astral frequencies that fill the space and support deep relaxation, cellular regeneration, meditation, sleep, and healing. The gongs’ pure stream of creative potential will carry us into the New Year.


Join us For This Transformational
Community Event


5:3pm - 6:15 pm Overnight Guests Register and settle into the  meditation hall or rooms (please no arrivals past 8:00 pm)

6:30 pm - 8:00 pm Community Potluck 

8:15 pm - 9:45 pm Kirtan w/ Trevor Chaitanya & Friends

9:45 pm Segue into Gongs 

9:45 pm - 6:00 am All Night Gong 

Deserts, Chi, and Mocktails will be available downstairs all night for snacking and for visiting outside of the Gong Room

6:00 am - 6:30 am  Rising and Shine Transition to Waking State

6:45 am - 8:00 am Breakfast 

8:03 am Sunrise & Departure 

Bed Space is highly limited  

Frequently Asked Questions 

What to Bring?

Comfy clothes to sleep and stretch in, indoor slippers or socks (dining room floor is cold & and hard), yoga mat, bedding, pillows, etc., and relaxation gear for gong baths, journal, and water bottle. 

Those who resereve a room will be provided blankets, pillows, sheets and bath towels. Triple Crane has hypoallergenic soap and shampoo.


What is a Sound Bath?

Sound Bath is a deep meditative experience where participants relax and allow sound waves to wash through them. These waves can be created via gongs, chanting/ singing, percussion, singing bowls and chimes.

If we register are we required to stay all night?

You do not need to stay for the entire all-night gong. That being said, if you plan to leave late at night please be prepared to make a quiet exit that won't disrupt those in deep meditation and sleep enjoying the gongs. 

Who Can Come

Due to the Meditative Nature of this event, we ask that participants be over the age of 16. 

Please be respectful and sensitive to the meditative states

and needs of all bodies in this space

Space is Limited! 

Cancellation Policy
All cancelations have an admin fee of $25.  No cancellations 72 hours before the event. 

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