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Yoga at Home

Yoga and Meditation Classes

Yoga & Meditation Classes at Triple Crane

Tripe Crane offers a variety of yoga classes tailored to meet individual needs.  All classes are lead by Master Zhong Hai (Winnie), Trevor Chaitanya Eller, Kamakshi Ma or other guest teachers.  To learn more about Master Hai or Rev. Trevor Chaitanya training background and teaching styles see their bios here.  


Currently we are offering classes in sessions. Class sessions run from 4 to 8 weeks.  Stay tuned by signing up for our email list here, to be notified of classes and retreats in the future. 

A note about "class etiquette" for in-person classes: please turn off cell phones, and come dressed in comfortable layered clothing.  Thank you! (Read more to learn about retreat etiquette)

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
Introduction to Classical Hatha Yoga for Balanced Mind and Body 

Our bodies go through many life phases. Some bodies are aging, have disabilities, or need to do rehab after illness or accident. Chair Yoga helps us to connect to the present moment through movement and breath while honoring our bodies needs and physical limitations.  It also strengthens our body, moves us along in our spiritual practice and helps us to live our best lives. Classes include basic movements and yoga poses modified in a chair, followed by meditation.  These class are currently being offered via Zoom. Please BOOK NOW by clicking the link above. 

Movement and Meditation


Movement and Meditation classes are a mix of gentle yoga and Chinese cultural exercises used as preparation for meditation.  Triple Crane Retreat Center uses active exercise practices as a means to prepare for and deepen longer meditation sitting sessions. These classes are a sampling of what occurs in our longer retreats. Join us for this dynamic classes on Fridays in English from 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. ET on the Triple Cranes Facebook page. 

About Our Teachings 


Triple Crane Retreat Center's Yoga and Meditation practices are grounded in the teachings of Classical Hatha Yoga and Chinese Buddhism.  Our system of Yoga is tailored to the individual.  We have offerings for those simply looking to cultivate physical wellness and for those looking for a deep and profound whole-system approach to the spiritual fruits of committed spiritual practice. The full system approach to spiritual practice shared at Triple Crane starts with cultivation of a healthy body and mind via basic Yoga and Mediation practices.  For those looking to go deeper, short retreaters are offered monthly and longer retreats, twice a year in the spring, and fall under the guidance of Master Sea Cloud.  Triple Crane offers practices for your overall development on the path of life.   


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