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Triple Crane Retreat Center

A Retreat Center For Community 
and Spiritual Practice 

Triple Crane Retreat Center (TCRC) is beautiful located  a few miles north of Downtown Chelsea. Our facilities include the large Chan Hall building with a full kitchen and dining room, a spacious Yoga and Meditation Hall and overnight accommodations for up to 20 guests. The Dharma Hall is home to various traditional Chinese Buddhist Ceremonies next to the monastic quarters.  

TCRC is committed to cultivating a supportive community and tranquil environment for personal and group retreats, as well as residential and local commuter programs where spiritual seekers who desire authentic spiritual growth and Ultimate Enlightenment can submerge themselves in consistent and progressive spiritual practice.   

Thank you for attending
the Yoga Community Gathering  

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Monthly  Meditation Retreats

Every month Triple Crane Retreat Center offers multiple formats to help you deepen into your personal Yoga and Meditation practice.  Guided by highly experienced teachers, Triple Crane shares a unique method of Yoga & Meditation created to support you in every step of your spiritual practice. 

Through out a retreat at a TCRC  you will experience Yoga Poses, Walking Meditation and Gong Fa integrated to deepen your Meditation experience. Gong Fa is similar to Tai Chi or Chi Gong but unique to Triple Crane's methods to cultivate deep and profound states of Meditation. 

As a non-profit Triple Crane believes in making Yoga and Meditation events accessible to all economic brackets. 


While registering for our various Sunday, day-long retreats you will find a "Donate What You Can" option when checking out.  Choose what best fits your budget while keeping in mind that Triple Crane runs on generous donations from donors including donations from our Retreat Programs.  


We also offer work-trade opportunities for those who cannot donate with money.  Due to the features in our booking software, there is no way to register without donating.  If you would like to register for an event without donating financially, please email 

Special Meditation Retreats, Classes & Events  

Seasonally, Triple Crane Retreat Center offers Special Retreats and Events. We bring in highly experienced Yoga & Meditation Teachers as well as other specialty programing. 

Join us for these life-nourishing events. The category of "Special Retreats and Events" does not include daily, quarterly, or annual ceremonies. To learn more about Chinese Buddhist Ceremonies offered at TCRC follow the drop down menu at the top of the page. 

Yoga Sutra Classes are postponed until the Fall 
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Kitchen Renovation Fundraising 
Yoga Retreat Center Kitchen Renovation

You may have noticed that the kitchen, also known as Wuguan Hall, has been outdated and not been repaired for many years. There are many spots that hinder the use. We invited the local government to inspect the kitchen and were told that the existing kitchen did not meet the safety standards of public use. Triple Crane Retreat Center was instructed renovated the kitchen. 

We have asked professional architects and contractors to design the new kitchen and estimate the costs. According to last year’s evaluation, the estimated renovation cost was $200,000. However, it would even be much higher now as the current logistics, materials, and manpower are scarce and more expensive.  


This cost to renovate is hefty, and Triple Crane Retreat Center cannot afford it. But in order to better provide friends with a clean and safe dining and gathering place, our center is launching the fundraising campaign to pay for the kitchen renovation costs. It is believed that with the joint efforts of all our friends and supporters, Triple Crane Retreat Center will overcome the difficulties and present a brand-new kitchen for all. We humbly seek generous donations and supports in any way. It is also a great opportunity to accumulate merits for you and your loved ones. On behalf of Triple Crane Retreat Center, we thank you in advance for your kind consideration. We pray for all auspicious to arise for you and your family.


Triple Crane Retreat Center is registered as a non-profit, 501c(3) charitable organization. All donations are tax deductible. 

"Kitchen is where love externalizes and nourishment internalizes." 

About Our Lineage

Venerable Master Haiyun Jimeng (海雲繼夢), also known as Master Sea Cloud (upper left) is the spiritual leader and preceptor of Triple Crane Retreat Center and the Huayen World Monastery in Taiwan.  He has been authorized as a lineage carrier in three different traditions.  ​Two Buddhist and one Yoga/Hindu branch, leading to a complete and progressive practice system. To learn more about Triple Cranes lineages follow this link below.

Our Resident and Local Teachers  

Master Zhong Hai (Winnie) is the resident head monastic, and teacher at Triple Crane.  Trevor Chaitanya Eller supports the center with outreach through Yoga teachings and classes. Learn more about these dynamic and experienced teachers by clicking below. 

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