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Triple Crane Retreat Center

A Retreat Place For Community 
and Spiritual Practice 

Triple Crane Retreat Center is committed to cultivating a supportive community and tranquil environment for personal and group retreats, as well a residential, and local commuter programs where spiritual seekers with a desire for authentic spiritual growth and Ultimate Enlightenment can submerge themselves in consistent and progressive spiritual practice.  


You are welcome to enquiry about our developing 

Volunteer Staff Program in support of the Triple Crane Community where we will be offering a daily schedule of Meditation, Yoga Classes and Seva, as well as monthly and quarterly retreat programs for community participants.   

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Triple Crane Retreat Center is
NOW OPEN for In-Person Retreats


After careful consideration TCRC has reopened for retreat attendees, and over night guests, as well as offering residential retreat and workshop 

accommodations to the larger community. 

Day-Long Meditation Retreats on the 1st, 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month will continue on ZOOM, as well as in person. Please Click RETREATS in the menu bar for dates, more information and to register for these 1 - Day Meditation Retreats. 

Weekly, one hour Yoga and Meditation Classes will continue to be held on FaceBook Live, only. No registration needed for the FB Live classes.

Click CLASSES in the menu bar for dates and times.

Click the button below to learn more about our COVID policy.

Upcoming Special Events 
Registration is Closed
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1 - Hour Yoga and Meditation Classes Remain on FBLive
 Each Sunday 1 - Day Meditation Retreats on Zoom or In Person
Buddhist Ceremonies on Zoom or In Person


About Our Lineage

Venerable Master Haiyun Jimeng (海雲繼夢), also known as Master Sea Cloud (upper left) is the spiritual leader and preceptor of Triple Crane Retreat Center and the Huayen World Monastery in Taiwan.  He has been authorized as a lineage carrier in three different traditions.  ​Two Buddhist and one Yoga/Hindu branch, leading to a complete and progressive practice system. To learn more about Triple Cranes lineages follow this link below.

Our Resident and Local Teachers  

Master Zhong Hai (Winnie) is the resident head monastic, and teacher at Triple Crane.  Trevor Chaitanya Eller supports the center with outreach through Yoga teachings and classes. Learn more about these dynamic and experienced teachers by clicking below.