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Triple Crane Retreat Center

A Retreat Place For Community 
and Spiritual Practice 

Triple Crane Retreat Center (TCRC) is beautiful located  a few miles north of Downtown Chelsea.  Our facilities  include the large building called Chan Hall which includes a full kitchen and dining room, a spacious Yoga and Meditation Hall and overnight accommodations for up to 20 guests.  The Dharma Hall is home to various traditional Chinese Buddhist Ceremonies which is next to the monastic quarters.  

TCRC is committed to cultivating a supportive community and tranquil environment for personal and group retreats, as well a residential, and local commuter programs where spiritual seekers with a desire for authentic spiritual growth and Ultimate Enlightenment can submerge themselves in consistent and progressive spiritual practice.   

Monthly Yoga & Meditation Retreats 

Every month Triple Crane Retreat Center offers multiple formats to help you deepen into your personal Yoga and Meditation practice.  Guided by highly experienced teachers, Triple Crane shares a unique method of Yoga & Meditation created to support you in every step of your spiritual practice. 

Through out a retreat at a TCRC  you will experience Yoga Poses, Walking Meditation and Gong Fa integrated to deepen your Meditation experience. Gong Fa is similar to Tai Chi or Chi Gong but unique to Triple Crane's methods to cultivate deep and profound states of Meditation.