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A New Years Eve Celebration of

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 Kirtan/Chanting & All Night Gong Bath

A New Years Eve Celebration of Sound Healing via Kirtan/Chanting & All Night Gong Bath

9:00 PM December 31st, 2022

7:30 AM January 1st, 2023

Join us for an evening of self-healing, rejuvenation, and energy clearing through sacred sound vibrations.   

Herbal Chai Tea & Snacks

Upon arrival we invite you to set up your "nest" space in Chan Hall and then join us for a Community Gathering with Chai Tea

and snacks in the lower lever

Dinning Hall. 

Should you get the munchies in the wee hours of the event, teas and snacks will be available

throughout the night. 

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Kirtan - Mantra

Kirtan is a form of

Yogic Mantra Practice led in a call

and response, musical style. 

Chanting will be led by

Trevor Chaitanya Eller, organizer of

Full Moon Kirtan, Michigan & Friends

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Planetary Gongs 
All Night Celestial Slumber 

The Planetary Gongs create a sound wave of astral frequencies that fill the space and support deep relaxation, cellular regeneration, meditation, sleep, and healing. The nourishing gong waves saturate the field, effortlessly entraining us with a pure stream of creative potential.  The Planetary Gong Bath will be lead by Valerie Weir & Friends


Join us For This Transformational
Community Event


9:00pm – 10:30pm: Doors Open / Nesting / Community Gathering with Tea & Snacks

10:30pm – 11:55pm: Opening / Kirtan Devotional Chanting


11:55pm — 12:05am: OM Chanting in the New Year

12:05am – 7:00am: Gong Bath. Relax, recline, watch or fall sleep

slipping into the quantum dream realm.

This is an opportunity for listening to deeply

intuitive impulses that move through you.

You may fall into a deep sleep,

awaken to surges of creativity, or feel to move through

the space. Allowing all as your highest healing intelligence.


7:00am – 7:30am: Guided Awakening and Integration

7:30am: Walk Out To Meet the Dawn on the First Day of 2023

What to Bring?

Comfy clothes to sleep and stretch in, indoor slippers or socks, yoga mat, sleeping gear (pillows, blankets, sleeping mat), journal and water

Frequently Asked Questions 


What is a Sound Bath?

Sound Bath is a deep meditative experience where participants relax and allow sound waves to wash though them. These waves can be created via gongs, chanting/ singing, percussion, singing bowls and chimes.

Are we required to stay all night?

While we encourage you to optimize your experience by staying overnight, this is certainly not required. Great benefits will

be received in shorter duration.


What happens if I fall asleep?

Wonderful. Relax and enjoy.

Sound works in all states of consciousness.

What happens if I feel the urge to move,

use the restroom, drink water, journal?

These are all opportunities to listen to your experience

and honor your needs. Movement is often necessary for processing and dissolving blocks, stirring up energy and inviting flow.

The natural processes of your body are honored in this space.

Who Can Come

Due to the Meditative Nature of this event, we ask that participants be over the age of 16.

Please also be respectful and sensitive to the meditative states

and needs of all bodies in this space

Space is Limited! 

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