Ceremonies at Triple Crane

For the Benifet of All Beings Every Where 

Triple Crane holds three ceremonial practices a day at early morning, morning and afternoon.  There are also Grand Meal Offering to the Buddha on the new and full moon. Grand food ceremonies for all sentient beings are held seasonly.  

Buddha Bathing Ceremony 

May 15th 2021, 10:30AM EST 

Join us for the this special online event commemorating the Buddha. The Buddha Bathing ceremony is a time to wash away our sorrows and pains. Washing the Buddha symbolizes refreshing our life and becoming clean, pure and releasing our difficulties  form the past.  Join us from the comfort of your home via Zoom to partake in this ancient and powerful Buddhist ceremony.   Click the below button to register and access the Zoom link and passcode. 



Ceremony for Granting Blessing & Removing Obstacles 

 (Longevity &




Dedication for the Dead (Lotus Plaque for the dead)

超薦做七  - 告別式火化

Buddhism Funeral Rites for the dead



Great Offering in front of Buddha

Grand Meal Offering to the Buddha

If you would like to chant along with the New Moon or Full Moon ceremonies you can follow the below link to down load the Grand Meal Ceremony Chants in Chinese including English translation.