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Note: As of March 12 there is only one bed left for this retreat. To reserve this last available on-site accommodation, please register now. Plenty of commuter space is still available. Any questions please email:
Retreat Overview 

Deepen and uplift your experience of Life through silence, meditation, chanting, yoga asana and introspection. The retreat is guided by Swami Sankarananda in accordance with the tradition and precepts set forth by the great Yogi Swami Sivananda. All participants will observe & respect silence as guided during the full retreat. The program is specifically developed to aid participants in their evolution from fear to fearlessness, from discord to Harmony, and from pieces to Peace.  Join us for this special opportunity for all sincere truth seekers to experience and imbibe in the sacred Silence within.

Scroll down to see a full retreat schedule.

To learn more about Swami Sankarananda, visit 

To learn more about Triple Crane Retreat Center Follow This Link.  

NOTE: Swami is offering two separate programs during this visit. This weekend retreat, and a one-day event the following weekend (Sat. March 25). To learn more about that program, and to register: Click Here.

Retreat Fees/Donation  

Our intent is to offer the retreat in a way that is affordable to all. For this reason we have set a very low retreat fee of $108 for the whole retreat, which includes the retreat itself, meals, and shared room accommodations for the weekend. This $108 will go to Triple Crane Retreat to cover our costs. We invite you to make an additional donation either before or during the retreat in order to help Swami Sankarananda cover his costs and further his mission, as well. To make an additional donation now, please click the Pay It Forward - Donation button on this page. 

We wish to make this retreat accessible to all, and do not intend to turn anyone away who wants to participate, so if $108 is too much, or there are any other financial concerns, please contact Brian at to discuss with him; he’ll work with you to get you in.

The booking system may seem unfamiliar; after you click the “Sign Up Here” button you will be taken to a new page. Scroll down to click “Register Now”, and then click “Next availability” on the next page. From there enter your information and you will reserve your spot.

If you wish to make an additional donation to help Swami Sankarananda's Peace mission: thank you! When you click “Pay it Forward” you will be taken to Triple Crane’s PayPal Donation page, where you can select “Be Still and Know” and enter whatever amount you would like. The bulk of donations will go to Swami-ji, however donations may be shared with Triple Crane depending on financial costs and considerations associated with hosting this wonderful immersion into the profound peace of the Self, and the profound wisdom of Yoga.

Finally, as part of the deepening of awareness and practices, opportunities for Karma Yoga, or selfless service, will be available throughout the weekend. This event will be run mostly by volunteers. Service, therefore, functions as both a great spiritual practice and allows these retreats to function smoothly. Typically seva (or karma yoga service) includes support with meal prep, after-meal clean-up, and other offerings that will be discussed Friday evening, at which point you will be encouraged to sign up.

Overnight Accommodations & Commuting 


Triple Crane has 20 beds available in shared rooms (2-3 beds per room). A bed is included with your retreat reservation. Commuters are welcome, as well, although we suggest that you maintain silence during your commutes and while at home. This is very important to support your retreat experience. Once TCRC reaches maximum capacity, our friends at Earth Well Retreat Center are approximately 15 minutes from TCRC and offer lovely rustic cabins and a pleasant environment that will be supportive to your silent retreat experience.

Triple Crane Retreat Center


The retreat will be taking place at the main building at TCRC called Chan Hall. Chan Hall has a large Yoga and Meditation room, a full kitchen, and a dining room, as well as 20 beds for overnight accommodations. 

There are facilities for showers and plenty of space for outdoor walks. Beds are in shared rooms holding 2 to 3 participants. If you would like to share a room with a specific person please notify TCRC when you book.


Meals for the retreat will be potluck-style. Before the retreat we will invite attendees to bring a couple of items to share, and during the retreat we will all pitch in to prepare, serve, and clean-up after eating. Meal times are twice-daily (brunch and dinner) comprising of simple vegetarian fare with vegan and gluten-free options. See schedule below. Fruits, light snacks, and tea will also be available throughout the day.

Spiritual Counseling w/Swami


Throughout the weekend Swami will offer one-on-one counseling sessions for all who are interested. You will have an opportunity to sign up on the daily Spiritual Counseling Sheet that will be made available once the retreat starts. 

During counseling sessions, those not involved will be free to select any of the offered reading material and take up a comfortable location, walk silently in nature, or perhaps journal or reflect on experiences thus far, and to assist in volunteer service.

Swami will also be available for counseling and satsang (spiritual teaching and discussion) the week following the retreat. More details about this forthcoming soon.

Space for this Retreat is Limited

Make your reservation at your earliest convenience.

What to Bring

(All items to be kept in your room when not in use):

  • Toothbrush/toothpaste

  • While Triple Crane Offers hypoallergenic soap and shampoo feel free to bring your own scent free bath soap, shampoo and any other toiletries.  Please make sure to only bring scent free hygiene products as many individuals suffer from allergies. 

  • Washcloth and towel are provided by TCRC for those who have reserved a bed. 

  • Appropriate clothing

    • Loose, breathable clothing for yoga classes is recommended.

    • Comfortable light-colored clothing is recommended for the rest of the retreat. 

    • No tank tops or shorts above the knee are allowed. 

  • In-door shoes are suggested for used in Chan Hall. Outdoor shoes are not allowed in the retreat facilities.

  • Walking shoes

  • Your own personal water bottle and thermos. In reverence to our Mother Earth, we will do our best to avoid disposable dishware that is not biodegradable. We adopt this minimalist concept to invite you deeper into a simple, yogic lifestyle.

  • Any medications you are taking

  • Triple Crane offers meditation cushions. Please bring your own yoga mats, and other yoga support items (blocks, straps as needed). 

General Guidelines 

Silence is to be maintained during the retreat, except for chanting and discussions with the teacher. All of these are, in fact, practices of silence, including chanting and exploration of Yoga philosophy and practices. If anyone does not feel well or needs to discuss anything, please let Swami know. (Please do your best not to disturb other participants.) All communication devices (phones, computers, etc.) are to be turned off at the beginning of the retreat, or left at home.

Please let family and friends know that you are going to be in retreat. If need be, they may contact the Triple Crane Retreat Centers office or Swami at (234) 262-1086. We strongly recommend that you detach from your device for the weekend.

Retreat Schedule


Friday, March 15

3-6 PM Arrival Check-In

6:00 PM Dinner

7:00 PM Opening Prayer, Introductions, Retreat Overview

7:30 PM Satsang (silence begins) -Silent Meditation/Chanting Dharma Talk Topic: Silence

10:00 PM Lights Out


Saturday, March 16

5:30 AM Wake up bell

6:15 AM Satsang -Silent Meditation/Chanting Dharma Talk Topic: From Sound to Silence

8:15 AM Break 8:45AM Yoga Asana / Pranayama Class

10:30 AM Brunch 11:30 AM Discernment Workshop #1

12:30PM Individual Sadhana Spiritual Counseling with Swamiji Practice on your own (rest, meditate, journal..) Seva

4:30-6:00 PM Gentle Yoga Class

6:00 PM Dinner

7:00 PM Peace Chanting

7:30 PM Satsang - Silent Meditation/Chanting Dharma Talk Topic : Sadhana

10 PM Lights Out

Sunday, March 17

5:30 AM Wake up bell

6:15 AM Satsang -Silent Meditation/Chanting Dharma Talk Topic: Steps Towards Inner Peace

8:15 AM Break

8:30 AM Yoga Asana / Pranayama Class

10:30 AM Brunch

11:30 AM Discernment Workshop #2

12:30 PM Peace Walk

2:00 PM Closing Discussions, Prayers, and Arati - Practice of Silence Ends Share your insights & experiences of the weekend!

3:30 PM Program Ends

Space for this retreat is limited. Reserve your spot at your earliest convenience. 

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