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Beginners 1 Day Meditation Retreat

Ideal for beginners or experienced meditators. Join TCRC teachers for a deep reset.

  • 7 hr

Service Description

1 Day Meditation Retreats are a profound introduction to Triple Crane Retreat Centers' approach to interdisciplinary spiritual practice for students new to daylong practices as well as advanced meditators. These retreats use Yoga Asana, Breath Work, and Huayen Eight Ways of Body Preconditioning (Gong Fa) to deepen into profound states of meditation and prepare the body field. Gong Fa can also be explained as a Chinese style of exercise. When done at TCRC Gong Fa is used to support deep and profound states of meditation (dhyana). 1 Day Meditation Retreats are a great introduction to people who are new to daylong meditation practices. New students can receive one-on-one guidance. These practices are also well suited for experienced meditators who want to go deeper by experiencing TCRC's unique use of yoga postures, gong fa, and breath work as catalysts for profound and sustained states of effortless meditation. Retreats are offered on a sliding scale. If you are unable to make a financial offering please reach out to do a few hours of work exchange. Please contact for work exchange details. Sunday Schedule 9:45 Check in 10:00-10:30 Brief of To be dynamic/still and Meditation 10:40-11:10 Warm up & Stretching 11:20-12:00 Guided Sitting Meditation 12:10-12:40 Walking & Standing Meditation 12:50-1:20 Sitting Meditation 1:30-2:30 Tea ceremony, snack time or resting 2:40-3:10 Sound Meditation 3:20-3:50 Yoga & Breath work 4:00-4:30 Sitting Meditation 4:30 Closing and depart

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