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一日禁語輕食禪修 1Day Meditation Retreat Chinese

First Sunday every month in Chinese. 一日禁語輕食禪修

    Service Description

    Join us for this day long practice designed to help you deepen on the path of meditation. This retreat will be offered in the Chinese language. 10:00-10:30 Inner Body Heating-up Exercise 煖身/伸展 10:30-11:15 Meditation 禪坐(45) 11:15-11:45 Walking Meditation 行禪(行香 & 站樁) 11:45-12:45 Dharma Talk 義學 12:45-1:15 Tea Chan 茶道 1:15-1:45 Walking Meditation 行禪(行香 & 站樁) 1:45-2:45 Meditation 禪坐(60) 2:45-3:15 Asana Q&A Breath Work 體位法 & 呼吸法 3:15-4:30 Meditation 禪坐(75) 4:30-4:45 Walking Meditation 行禪 4:45-5:30 Meditation 禪坐(45) 5:30- 6:00 Q & A 問答

    Upcoming Sessions

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