Ceremonies at Triple Crane

For the Benefit of All Beings Everywhere 

Triple Crane holds three ceremonial practices a day at:


1. Early morning, 

2. Morning &

3. Afternoon  

We also practice Grand Meal Offering to the Buddha on the new and full moon as well as other Ceremonies and Celebration quarterly and seasonly.  

Below you will find more information about personalized ceremonies for major life events. 

TCRC's Next Special Event Ceremony

Medicine Buddha Ceremony 

October 30th, 2021, 10:30-12:00  PM EDT 
Followed by Lunch 

The Medicine Buddha Ceremony is an annual ceremony that takes place at TCRC. Offerings focus around healing for those who are experiencing negative health.  Medicine Buddha Ceremony is one of the most beloved and healing practices in Buddhism.  Click the bleow button to register and receive the link to join online. 

Grand Meal Offering to the Buddha

If you would like to chant along with the New Moon or Full Moon ceremonies you can follow the below link to down load the Grand Meal Ceremony Chants in Chinese including English translation.  


Blessing Plaque

Ceremony for Granting Blessings & Removing Obstalces 

(Longevity & Wealth)



Lotus Plaque

Transcendence Service for the Deceased



Great Offering in front of Buddha


Buddhism Funeral Rites for the Deceased




Light Offering

Personalized Services 
by Request